Pet Bunny Zozo's
Upcoming Adventures

When Zozo accidentally becomes separated from her family in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, she enlists the help of a kitten and two knowledgeable sheep to help her find her family.

As Zozo searches the market atop a rolled carpet and explores the city of Istanbul on a sheep's back, she learns a bit about Turkey and its iconic building, Ayasofya (Hagia Sofia).

Travels with the Grand Market

Purple illustrated curtain covering a children's book cover for Travels with Zozo, a kids' adventure story series. The image shows a little, gray bunny jumping up, grabbing the purple curtain, and pulling it down to reveal a new fictional story book about traveling the world.
Re-creation of popular Murad Osmann photograph of girlfriend in his travels around the world. In this version, Zozo the bunny wears a purple scarf and hops toward a waiting old-fashioned airplane holding the blue-leather-gloved hand. The image represents the author of one of the best illustrated travel story books for kids, A.J. Atlas.
Travels with Zozo Series Logo depicting illustrated passport stamps for Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Arctic, Caribbean, Oceania and Antarctica and the black bolded title of the best illustrated travel book series for kids in preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade

#1   Travels with Zozo...and the Bears

#2   Travels with the Fjord

#3   Travels with Zozo...on the Reef

#4   Travels with Zozo...on the Salt Flat

#5   Travels with Zozo...under the Moonbow

#6   Travels with Zozo...and the Deer

#7   Travels with the Grand Market

#8   Travels with the Snow

#9   Travels with Zozo...under the Night Sky

#10 Travels with the River Cave

#11 Travels with Zozo...and the Giant Rabbit

#12 Travels with the Storm

#13 Travels with Zozo...near the Lagoon

#14 Travels with Zozo...and the Pintxos

And many more...

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Zozo the bunny, a little gray rabbit cartoon character in the best of 2022 illustrated kids book series Travels with Zozo, jumping and waving hello
Vee, Su and Al the Norwegian baby sea eagles, three funny cartoon characters in the award winning illustrated kids book series Travels with Zozo, smiling and waving hello