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The seventh book in the award-winning series, Travels with the Grand Market, takes readers on an unexpected journey through the World's Largest Marketplace. With the help of a friendly kitten and two knowledgeable sheep, Zozo explores the colorful market and the City of Istanbul.

Zozo and her new friends are joined by whimsically illustrated locals—picnicking ducks, ball-playing puppies, and hilarious birds of all kinds. The wildlife adds depth and richness (and laughs!) to Instanbul's large shopping area showcased in this premium full-color 32-page book.

Children and grownups alike are sure to fall in love with the "hoppity, floppity, huggable, snuggable" pet bunny, Zozo, in this beautifully-illustrated, pint-sized travel log. They will be amazed by the detailed illustrations of actual plants, animals, and landscapes of Isanbul while laughing at the goofy goings-on in every corner of the pages.


Bring your imagination and let Zozo be your guide to a world of amazing places!

Travels with the Grand Market

SKU: 5073
$27.99 Regular Price
$20.99Sale Price
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  • Printed in the USA

    8.5" x 11" (280mm x 216mm)

    Weight .896 lbs, Spine width .25"

    32-page premium color

    Hard cover case laminate

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