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The eighth book in the award-winning series, Travels with the Snow, takes readers to the ski slopes near Bariloche, Argentina, in South America’s Andes Mountains. Pet bunny Zozo and her human family are there to enjoy a winter vacation together.


Just before dawn, on the first morning of the family trip, Zozo wakes to see freshly falling snow. Overwhelmed with curiosity to feel the icy crystals up close for the first time in her life, Zozo dives from an open window into the deep, soft snow. She twists and twirls, leaping and landing in the powdery snow. Until accidentally, one strong jump lands her on a plastic saucer and swiftly whisks her down the unknown mountain.


As the adventure unfolds, Zozo and readers see a colorful world filled with whimsically illustrated local animals, including a snowboarding tuco-tuco, a skiing family of owls, marshmallow-roasting deer, and so much more. Page after beautifully-illustrated page, chinchillas and mountain cats roll into funny snowballs and join the adventure. The wildlife adds depth and richness (and laughs!) to the mountain landscape showcased in this premium full-color 32-page book.


From start to finish, Zozo’s adventurous journey is filled with excitement and emotion. In the end, happiness prevails as a new friend leads Zozo back to her family in a surprising way.


Children and grownups alike are sure to fall in love with the “hoppity, floppity, huggable, snuggable” pet bunny, Zozo, in this engaging, educational, pint-size travel adventure. They will be amazed by the detailed illustrations of actual plants, animals, and landscapes of the Andes Mountains while laughing at the goofy goings-on in every corner of the pages.


Bring your imagination and let Zozo be your guide to a world of amazing places!

Travels with the Snow

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  • Printed in the USA

    8.5" x 11" (280mm x 216mm)

    Weight .896 lbs, Spine width .25"

    32-page premium color

    Hard cover case laminate

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