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The fourth book in the exciting, new series, Travels with Zozo...on the Salt Flat, takes readers to a mysterious, cactus-studded coral island in the middle of the world's largest salt flat. Located in Bolivia's wild, wild West, the adventure unfolds as Zozo makes friends with two flamingos and a helpful bunny-squirrel-like animal, the viscacha.


The friendship begins with Zozo offering help to a flamingo who, after crash-landing into a rock wall, is trapped under fallen rocks. Zozo lifts heavy rocks while getting to know the friendly birds. While resting a moment, she learns about the history of the ancient sea that dried to become the gigantic salt flat.


A viscacha arrives to make Zozo's hard work easier, and their help is rewarded with a flight over the salt flat to see the magical mirror effect of a flooded section.


Along the way, whimsically illustrated locals dot the landscape. They include playful vicuñas, hide-and-go-seek playing Andean foxes, viscachas doing yoga, giant hummingbirds, goofy, golfing lizards, and many others. The wildlife adds depth and richness (and laughs!) to the wonderous wilderness showcased in this premium full-color 32-page book.


Children and grownups alike are sure to fall in love with the "hoppity, floppity, huggable, snuggable" pet bunny, Zozo, in this beautifully-illustrated, pint-sized South American travel log. They will be amazed by the detailed illustrations of actual plants, animals, and landscapes of Bolivia while laughing at the goofy goings-on in every corner of the pages.


Bring your imagination and let Zozo be your guide to a world of amazing places!

Travels with Zozo...on the Salt Flat

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  • Printed in the USA

    8.5" x 11" (280mm x 216mm)

    Weight .896 lbs, Spine width .25"

    32-page premium color

    Hard cover case laminate

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