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Save money when you purchase the first four books in the Travels with Zozo... series at once! It makes a great gift for a family, birthday, or special occasion!


In the first book, Travels with Zozo...and the Bear, discover the exciting island home of America's brown bears. Sea kayak to shore before hiking along a rainforest path to a treehouse hideaway. From high above, watch bears frolic in the river below. Then befriend one young brown bear. Together, play hide-and-go-seek and swim in the icy cold river before reuniting the bear with his family. Finally, ride in a low-flying floatplane to enjoy all the beauty of the island's land and sea!


In the second book in the series, Travels with the Fjord, explore Norway’s fun-filled fjords. Take turns somersaulting across a double trampoline before flying on a sea eagle’s back over icy glaciers and sparkling, deep water. Then perch high on a cliff. Play with baby sea eagles in their cliffside home, cheering them on as they successfully take their first flight. Finally, join Zozo for a tour of the world’s longest tunnel!


In the third book in the series, Travels with Zozo...on the Reef, discover Australia’s Great Barrier Reef though the eyes of Zozo, an adorable pet bunny, and her human family. Share a ride in their helicopter. Sleep on a coral island. Gaze through the glass bottom of their boat. And let your imagination soar as a dream sequence takes you and Zozo swimming underwater and riding on a giant, spotted eagle ray to watch a race between whales, sharks, and other “heavyweights” in the reef!


Finally, explore the largest salt flat in the world in the fourth book in the series, Travels with Zozo...on the Salt Flat. Take a topsy-turvy ride across the volcano-filled lands of Bolivia’s wild, wild West. Befriend a helpful viscacha, and free flamingos trapped by a coral rock wall on a mysterious, waterless island. Soar above the salt flat on the flamingos’ back. Finally, be mesmerized by the salt flat’s mirror-like parts and puzzle-piece shapes while uncovering the mysteries of this adventurous place!


Each story is unique, action-packed, and amazing!

Travels with Zozo... Series Starter Set includes Books 1, 2, 3 & 4

SKU: 5050
$100.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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  • Each of the four books:

    Printed in the USA

    8.5" x 11" (280mm x 216mm)

    Weight .896 lbs, Spine width .25"

    32-page premium color

    Hard cover case laminate

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