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The ninth book in the award-winning picture book series, Travels with Zozo...under the Night Sky, takes readers to Iceland. Beneath a dark sky filled with twinkling stars, pet bunny Zozo sees the shimmering colors of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Curiosity leads her to follow the lights to a snowy pasture where she meets five friendly Icelandic horses. The horses offer Zozo friendship, entertainment, and a kid-friendly explanation of how the northern lights appear in the sky.


On page after beautifully-illustrated page, accurate depictions of the stars and constellations of the Northern Hemisphere add a unique richness to the layers of Zozo’s nighttime adventure. Likewise, whimsically illustrated locals—such as breakdancing arctic foxes, a snowshoeing mouse, an energetic snowy owl, and many others—bring depth and humor to the wintery North Atlantic island landscape showcased in this premium full-color 32-page book.


Children and grownups alike are sure to fall in love with the “hoppity, floppity, huggable, snuggable” pet bunny, Zozo, in this expertly-illustrated, pint-sized, Nordic travel log. They will be amazed by the detailed illustrations of Iceland’s actual land and sky while laughing at the goofy goings-on in every corner of the pages.


Bring your imagination and let Zozo be your guide to a world of amazing places!

Travels with Zozo...under the Night Sky

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  • Printed in the USA

    8.5" x 11" (280mm x 216mm)

    Weight .896 lbs, Spine width .25"

    32-page premium color

    Hard cover case laminate

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